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Imagine you could live a life of freedom in the power of Jesus? Free from fears, addictions and destructive habits? With the Get Free course, ICF offers you a possibility of entering a life of freedom with the help of God’s power and His companionship. Experience the healing and liberating power of the Holy Spirit on your own body, soul and spirit. You can attend the Get Free course as an individual person or as a Small Group, or it can also be a preparation for the baptism.

What is a guide?

A guide is a person, who gives everything to Jesus in prayer with the Get Free participant.

Characteristics of a guide

You love Jesus with all your heart

You have experienced the Get-Free at least once

You know the Get-Free participant

You are part of a Small Group

ICF is your church

Characteristics of a participant

You love Jesus with all your heart

You are ready to change your life

You are ready to put your life into God’s hands

You are ready to confess your sins (transgressions)