Your generosity makes a difference

We exist to see people become more like Jesus Christ and fearlessly change their world. With your finances, you can be part of this vision. Without your faithful financial support, your passionate volunteering, and your prayers, our church would not be what it is today and can be in the future!
We thank you for any form of participation and inform you about the possibilities to actively give.


Giving by bank transfer. Here you will find all the information / account information you need. You can also order payment slips here.


Here you can give with your credit card. The payment will be processed via the secure side of our payment partner.

Reach 2019

We enable people to get to know Jesus by our local and global projects. We expand our home, meet needs and injustice and establish churches globally.

Bitcoins & Co.

You can also give with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Stellar Lumen.


You can also give directly with your smartphone via Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

paying-in slip

We will gladly send you a payment slip if you wish to donate by bank transfer.