Out of deepest conviction we want to support ourselves with the resources that God has entrusted to us. We believe that change can happen if we put our hope in God and take our own responsibility. Whether you need specific support or advice, or are in an acute emergency situation – we try to help you with these offers, or try to find someone who can accompany you in your situation.

Consultiung & Advice

Financial and social hardships are nothing to be ashamed of. Here you will find an open ear, clarity in overburdening situations and help for self-help. We show you ways to solve problems and accompany you as needed.

Practical Support

Sometimes you need very practical help in everyday life. If you miss the environment that can support you, then we would like to offer you this support.

Pastoral Care

If you long for freedom from hardships, burdens and imprisonment, our pastors are there for you. The purpose of prayer counseling is to experience God’s healing power through prayer.