“We are blessed to be a blessing” – this is one of our deepest convictions as a family and as a church. We are grateful for God’s faithful care and want to pass on His generosity. Our desire is to make ourselves one with God’s heart and to be part of the response to society’s needs through REACH. That is why every year, through local and global projects, we make it possible for people to experience Jesus by addressing need and injustice, by founding authentic and relevant churches and by expanding our local churches.

Together as a church family we can bring about so much good to our environment, to our country and to this world. No matter what your resources are: Each of us can contribute and make a difference. Below we present the individual projects that God has put on our hearts for this year. We warmly invite you to be part of REACH 2020, because collectively we can achieve great things!

Thank you so much for your prayers, your support and your financial commitment.

Leo & Susanna Bigger, Senior Pastors, ICF Zurich